Second part of my  knitted lace and cable poncho


So, I’m sitting here, behind my kitchen table, knitting and watching NCIS. And wondering what to say. No, I don’t have TV in the kitchen – I just have a small apartment with an open space layout (I could see TV from almost every room I have 😀 not that it’s important)…

Now, that’s cleared up. I’m not feeling like talking about knitting today. I’m feeling like knitting and talking about NCIS. I looooove Ziva…

Oh, and my kids went to summer camp. For a week. I’m thinking what to do with my time now….have suggestions?

I know. I’m gonna knit 😀 And maybe one book is in order 🙂

It’s been awhile since I read a good murder mystery. Library is already closed for today. However, I’ll hop by tomorrow and see what’s new in the murder world (I bet it’s not Agatha Christie anymore).

Oh well, I’m not much of the talker today, am I 😀

Big Yellow - second phase

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