Big Project MondayI’m back. After a week of resting, I feel like I was born again. I have my willpower, what more can a girl need 😀

I’ll make a short one today though. I don’t want to scare my reborn motivation away. You know how fragile these things are 🙂

OK, let’s cut the chit chat and get down to business. If we can call it that. “A Business” – fancy that…

Despite my dispute to knitting I managed to finish first part of the “Big Yellow” yesterday. And let me be honest here. I’m beyond satisfied.


Take a look:

Big Prject Monday First part knitted, starting new one


I absolutely love this yarn.

I love how the silk shines under the sun, like raindrops in the early morning.

I love how the lace and cables are playing together like rocks and sea.

And I love this radiant yellow to make my day special and beaming even if it rains.

See? I got all romantic and dreamy. I’m showing you my true colors here 🙂

Few more pictures and then we’re done for today 🙂

Knitted lace and cable rectangle with an opening for neck Knitting lace and cables with fine yarn


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