It all started last Tuesday. I just published my updates and promised you that we’re gonna be here for the long, long, long, long time. Remember this?

Well, I decided that I have been working on it long enough, and it’s time to make an end of it!

I’m not gonna push it on my U.F.O.s stash (someday I will show you that…when I’m brave enough…). No. I will make a quick strong finish.

So, like a runner who has been endured the marathon and sees the finish line (I can only imagine that, because I’m no runner…I won’t run…ever….), I sprinted. I pushed and pushed and pushed… And passed over the mark by 4 rows…


Knitting the lacy cabled poncho big yellow

Not close enough? Let’s try this:

Knit poncho with lace and cables

My mark was that cast on row for the future neckline. Do you hear frogs? I do.

OK, I’m exaggerate a bit… But not much…

Big poncho knitting project

Oh by the way, if you’re in my lace group then you’re gonna get some updates in few minutes.

Estonian lace

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