progress with christmas comforter little changes

I’m sorry for the picture quality. It was dark all night – just awful. So, choice came down to this or going out in the snow…

And snow is not an option…

Curious? There’s a picture in Instagram. Take a look in here.

I made few changes. Or actually, it’s more like an add-on. I thought that I put a close up here and let you guess, but pictures are so bad today, I’ll just tell you…

Remember that I told you that I would put some purl stitches between cable and star stitch? Well, I did just that. I took my crochet hook and added one purl stitch right beside those cables.

I’ll be honest – I tried to add 2 purl stitches, but that didn’t work out. Too much of a stretch. I’ll add the picture, but, again, it’s weird looking color etc.

Knitted Christmas comforter

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