Christmas comforter - work in progress

So, do you? See the progress? No?

Me neither. It’s one of those projects that you knit and knit and knit… . And knit some more.

But I don’t mind. We are finishing up the main part of an Estonian lace shawl with the lace group, and my hands are very thankful to knit something chunkier than cobweb lace. That was well planned by me 😀

I thought about how it will be best to measure my progress, so that you and I both could see that I actually have been knitting. I think my couch would be fantastic yardstick. This way I can do “last week – this week” photos.

Why didn’t I think of doing this photo series sooner?

Anyway, I think I have to “step on it” because soon will be Christmas and I really need my comforter by then 🙂

Knitted blanket for Christmas

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