knitted Christmas blanket project

I have been playing with the thought of a new big project. At first, I thought I would knit a sweater. Better than the one I knitted some time ago…

Then I heard Christmas music on some cartoon. As the “White Christmas” was finishing its last tunes, it was decided right there. My next big project will be a Christmas item.

Oh, I adore Christmas…I just didn’t know what could be a huge project to tackle. Ugly Christmas sweater? (I’ve always wanted one…with the picture where everyone is wearing it…but my family would never agree with this…)

Rain was pouring down and me, shivering in front of the fire and listening to the splashing unstoppable rain, was wishing for a blanket… Dark and gloomy autumn nights making me dream of white Christmas. Imagine white fluffy snow slowly falling down, burning fire toasting your toes (which are hidden in those cabled socks you knitted), hot chocolate with the hint of cinnamon in the air and soft cozy blanket comfortably around your shoulders…

Can you see what I see? Can you see that comforting blanket? Yes, that’s the one I’ll be knitting 🙂

Set up will be easy – it will be formed from 35 squares. One square will be about 25 x 25 cm / 10 x 10 inches. That would mean that my awesome knitted Christmas comforter would be 125 cm x 175 cm / 49 x 69 inches.

Something like this:

Knitted Christmas comforter - plan

And one square would be that:

Knit Christmas blanket  - plan

Now – colors…

For me, Christmas colors would be red, green and white. Trouble is…I don’t know the pattern yet. Quick 2 hour browse on Pinterest and I found my inspiration:

Color combination, color pallets, color palettes, color scheme, color inspiration.:

Let the yarn games begin…

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