What’s that lemony yellow thing on the couch? Look, there… That beautiful and light as a summer breeze on your shoulder?

Ahhhh, that…. That’s nothing… That’s my Big Yellow…

Yellow knitted lace and cable poncho

Never mind me πŸ™‚ I’m thrilled to finish it, and I’m getting poetic πŸ˜€ One more picture and I tried to show you where the openings are (because it’s a bit unsymmetrical, which I love).

Big Yellow from Pattern Duchess finished

I have so many requests for the pattern, so I will collect my thoughts, different notes on random papers (including one on aΒ toilet paper (unused)) and try to form some kind of a coherent pattern or a guide for you. I know you’d like to see it in “real life” so I took a very bad picture with my other electronic device. I hope it will do:

Pattern Duchess

I’m just so happy right now πŸ˜€

(yes, that’s my happy face)

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