Who’s behind it?


You are here because you’re looking for some interesting knitting patterns and techniques. Right?

Maybe you want something unique. Something like a good murder mystery would be. Little intrigues, lot of action and a spark of romance on the side.

This is what I want to offer you.

I want my patterns to be like Poirot – round, edgy and unique. Or like lady Marple – curious, feminine and fabulous. And maybe add the romantic hue like history has – with full of surprises like butler Carlson in Downton Abbey.

As you may guess – long rows of Stockinette stitch is my worst nightmare 🙂

Hi, my name is Mari-Liis!

I’m the girl behind Pattern Duchess.

What should I say about me. Hmm… I think I’ll start this way:

I am very girly and romantic island girl, who adores nature and animals. I love all the romantic things in life. And while I’m in my romantic zone, I’ll get – well – absent-minded. I actually have fell on my nose because I was staring the starry sky so intensely! I’m not sure what I was seeing…

I live on an island called Hiiumaa (look for little country named Estonia near Finland) with a population of 10 000 people. We have exactly 1 city with approx 4000 people. I love this place.

My nature is very creative and I tend to collect yarn. Maniacally. If other girls want bigger storage for their shoes, then I want even bigger storage for my yarn. I am addicted and I’m not afraid to tell you this.

Also, I am very curious. I can’t live without learning. At this moment, languages (Finnish in particularly), speed reading and roller-skating are first three on my list. Update: these are still in the list – someone has shrunk the time, I think….

I have something new going on every day and often feel like my brain just won’t shut up in the evening.

If I knit something – world doesn’t exist anymore. I forget everything, eating and going to bathroom included. I have to thank my grandmother for that – I believe I learned to knit before I could write. We have whole generation of craftsmen (and women) in my family. My mother and my grandmother are knitters. My grandmothers mother (“mamma”) loved cross-stitch and embroidery. Oh her work is exceptional. My grandmothers father (“papa”) was a potter and made woodwork on the side.

You’ll be hearing a lot about my grandmother – she gave me the most magnificent childhood. It was pure country joy – the one you can see on the pictures in Pinterest, but minority actually live this way.

So, this is me.


Oh, I forgot. I have a cat named Jimmy and he is a boss of me. I don’t know, maybe it’s important.

supervisor of pattern duchess

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