knitting for men

Do you have a special man in your life who needs some warmth for winter? Extraordinary guy you love? Husband, son, brother, father, friend? Or maybe you have all of them? Or several sets of them?

It’s time to clutch those knitting needles and start knitting. Knitting like mad woman…

Before I give you the links of these patterns, lets talk about colors. Do you know favorite colors of men in general?

According to scientists, men like blues, greens and black (hues of grey included). But what do they dislike? Orange, purple and – to my surprise – brown.

Now, there are exceptions, but if you don’t know the preferred color of recipient then you should use this guide.

On to the links.

thank you hat
Thank You Hat from The Purl Bee

New york scarf
New York Scarf from Ravelry

Java socks
Java socks from Knitty

mens fingerless gloves
Fingerless mittens form Knitlist

Drops jumper Firenze

DROPS jumper “Firenze” from DROPS

I think I’m going to knit all of them for Christmas gifts. What about you? I would love to hear what you’re going to knit for presents this year, so leave a comment.

For more ideas about knits for men, check out my Pinterest board dedicated to knitting for men.

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