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So, it’s gonna be like this – first I’ll give you a blog name and a link. Then I’ll tell you who is behind it and why I love this blog. Simple enough (I think).

Let’s start.

1. Hands Occupied – Blogger is Heidi and she writes about everything crafty (including knitting). I love how her blog is beautiful and good looking. Her tutorials are nice and thorough with clear pictures. Very easy to understand.

2. Yarn Harlot – Blogger is Stephanie and she goes on and on about knitting (her words). I love how she writes. She draws you in and paints a picture with her words. Oh, and her knitting is exceptional.

3. Knitting to Stay Sane – Blogger is Glenna and she have fantastic designs. What I love the most is her socks. Socks is not my most favorite things to knit (my husband has a feet like a giant would have so that’s where my bad experience comes from) but her beautiful socks make me want to give it a try.

4. Knitted Bliss – Blogger is Julie and she has great energy flowing out of her blog. I can’t really understand it, but she has something that keeps me coming back. I love her Pinterest finds and her patterns are marvelous.

5. My Sister’s Knitter – Blogger is Andi and her color choices are amazing. I wish I had a skill to see colors of the world and then put it in my knitting. Maybe there is a course on that?

6. Pujoliivi – Bloggers are Tytti and Nasti and blog itself is in Finnish. Finnish is not my strongest side, although I try to study it. But Google Translate will help. I love their beautiful knits, along with recipes and other crafts + pictures have this retro feel (if I may say so) I kind of like.

7. Celtic Cast On – Blogger is Irish girl Kelly and she have fantastic patterns with fantastic pictures. I’m a sucker for cables so… no words needed here.

8. Knitionary – Blogger is Kristen and she writes about everything I’m interested in – knitting, cooking, gardening, homemaking… I love her. I want to be like her when I grow up 🙂

9. Nottingham Knitter – Blogger is Sarah and the structure of her blog is quite unique (at least for me). I love how she have composed her project posts (like this cabled ottoman project). Very easy to follow.

10. Sweetpurls – Blogger is Monica and she has everything that other blogs have. Fantastic pictures, simple and beautiful overall impression, pretty knits and lot of yarn. What more can I want…

Now it’s your turn. What knitting blogs do you read? Or do you have a blog of your own you would like to share? Leave a comment so everybody else could check it out and let’s make a huge list of fantastic knitters who blog.

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